Marine Institute (MI)

The Marine Institute is Ireland‟s national agency responsible for Marine Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI). The Institute seeks to assess and realise the economic potential of Ireland’s 220 million… Continue Reading

MARUM, University of Bremen (UniHB)

The Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM) is a research facility at the University of Bremen offering technical and scientific services in ocean research. MARUM’s role is to develop and… Continue Reading

NKE Instrumentation (NKEI)

nke (established in 1984 under Micrel name) has an oceanographic instrumentation department since 1993. In 2012, nke was split into 3 different organization (including same people as before).nke instrumentation is… Continue Reading


The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) is a multipurpose, technical-scientific service infrastructure providing support for research, technological development and innovation in the ocean. The aim of PLOCAN is… Continue Reading

SLR Consulting (SLR)

SLR is dedicated to the sustainable development of natural resources. We help our clients to develop their coal, oil and gas, mining and renewable energy projects in an environmentally friendly… Continue Reading