Time series analysis in environmental science and applications to climate change


Times-series analysis is the future for environmental sciences to understand natural processes and their dynamics. To support these technical developments, the “Time series analysis in environmental science and applications to climate change” will be held in Tromsø from 8-11 November 2016, with the objective of promoting transfer of knowledge between researchers from various environmental fields. These objectives will be achieved by both training courses (8-9/11) and conference (10-11/11) presentations based on application examples and actual case studies from field experiments.

Please send your application form to the address: time.series.conf@ifremer.fr

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The conference “Time series analysis in environmental science and applications to climate change” was held in Tromsø (Norway) on 8-11 November 2016 and focused on the implication of climate change on the environment, including land, sea and atmosphere. Starting by a 2-day training session and followed by a scientific part during the two following days, this event promoted the transfer of knowledge to younger or less experienced scientists (post-doctoral, doctoral and master students) and between researchers from several research fields.

This conference is part of a series of conferences gathering a wide community to be integrated in the ESONET-Vi (-the vision) consortium that builds upon ESONET, EuroSITES, EMSO, FixO3 and ENVRIPLUS partners, extending worldwide.

The presentations showed how observations based on in-situ, remote data analysis and modelling, from a large range of disciplines in Earth Sciences, can help detecting climate change and its impacts focusing on both the mathematical modelling, statistics, signal processing (non-stationarity, gaps in series, extremes, etc.), and the environmental scientific results.

The training part consisted in a plenary session including all students, followed by group sessions for a better interaction between students and teachers. The training consisted in 4 courses:

Course 1: Time series analysis for global warming in marine environment and connections with land and atmosphere (Shane Elipot and Jonathan Lilly from University of Miami, USA)

Course 2: Time series in methane measurements and analysis (Giuditta Marinaro and Mariagrazia De Caro from INGV, Italy)

Course 3: From depth to age in sediments: Methods and pitfalls (Karl Fabian from NGU, Norway)

Course 4: Components and variability of sea level change in a warming climate (Mark Carson (University of Hamburg, Germany)

The conference consisted in 3 sessions:

Session 1: Time-series analysis for global warming in marine environment and connections with land and atmosphere. Chair: Roberto Grilli (LGGE)

Session 2: Time series analysis for greenhouse gases and carbon cycle. Chairs: Jürgen Mienert (University of Tromsø/CAGE) and Truls Johannessen (University of Bergen)

Session 3: Concluding session – Chair: Gilles Reverdin (LOCEAN)

A total of 67 people participated to the conference, including 26 chairs and/or lecturers and 27 students of which 17 were granted travel expenses and an addition of 8 were granted registration grant including hotel, lunches and breaks.

The outcome of the event a success, with 100% of attendees “overall satisfied”.

The training was partly funded by the Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics (AMGG) Research School.

The training and conference were funded by the European Commission through:

– the FP7 Integrated Infrastructure Initiative FixO3 (grant agreement N° 312463)

– the Horizon 2020 project ENVRIplus (grant agreement N° 654182)

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Date(s) - 08/11/2016 - 11/11/2016
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