FixO3 General Assembly


The FixO3 General Assembly 2014 will take place at the Aquila Atlantis Luxury Hotel in Heraklion, Crete (Greece) from the 14th to 16th October 2014.

The aim of the General Assembly is to update on project activities and discuss any issues that have arisen during the first year and to plan the work and goals for the upcoming year. The conference will include specific sessions on the Work Packages, Steering Committee and Advisory Board meetings, final evaluation of TNA proposals, as well as offer networking opportunities (ie. Cultural tour and a conference dinner). Please check this page for updates.

FixO3 GA2014 – Agenda, Intro and keynote speaker

1 FixO3 GA2014 Agenda477.3 KiB
3 Introduction Lampitt Month 12 GA4.1 MiB
4 Environmental Monitoring -Link Between Industry And Academia October2014 Final2.2 MiB


Session 1- Technological & Procedural Harmonisation

WP2-3 P27 W1M3A Bozzano463.0 KiB
Wp2-3 Harmonisation MoMAR Blandin950.3 KiB
1 INTRO To Session Wp3 Procedural Harmonisation G Petihakis140.7 KiB
FIXO3 WP2-3 Harmonisation ANTARES541.9 KiB
Wp2-3 Harmonisation PAP NOG SOG Pagnani7.0 MiB
Wp2-3 Harmonisation E2m3a OGS Bensi8.6 MiB
Wp2-3 Harmonisation HCMR7.9 MiB
Wp2-3 Harmonisation DELOS Craig2.0 MiB
Presentation WP3 CVOO Silva2.5 MiB
20141014 Wp2-3 Harmonisation PLOCAN Cianca10.5 MiB
FIXO3 WP2-3 Harmonisation DYFAMED2.1 MiB
Wp2-3 HarmonisationNEMO-SN11.6 MiB
Wp2-3 Harmonisation AWI FRAM Schewe2.0 MiB
Wp2-3 Harmonisation OBSEA Marc9.4 MiB
2 INTRO To Session - Technological Harmonisation Wp2 CARDIN2.7 MiB
Wp2 3Proc And Harm Alicia Lavin537.5 KiB


Session 2- Links to industry and policy-makers

Haugan WP6 FixO3 Heraklion6.4 MiB
FixO3 GA2014 WP5 Links To Industry O'Neil1.5 MiB


Session 3- Data management & Service Activities

BiscayAGL 6.1 FixO3 SA1.0 MiB
Blue Lobster - EMECO SA Presentation4.3 MiB
PAP 5.2 FixO3 SA PAP 20143.1 MiB
W1M3A 7.1 FixO3 SA P27 2014 Creta Annual Meeting964.4 KiB
01 Dm Session 3 Ga2014 Crete Abehnken225.7 KiB
CVOO 19.1 FixO3 SA CVOO283.0 KiB
FRAM 1.1.2 FixO3 SA AWI FRAM3.2 MiB
PYLOS 15.1 FixO3 SA Pylos Crete2014344.0 KiB
02 FixO3 SA Session210.4 KiB
E2M3A 11.1 FixO3 E2M3A SA1.2 MiB
Station M3.1 FixO3 SA UiB Skjelvan1.0 MiB
NEMO 13.1 FixO3 SA NEMO-SN1 (GAM Crete)648.5 KiB
MOMAR 14.2 FixO3 SA Momar905.5 KiB


Session 4- Transnational Access

FixO3 TNA First Call 20141015 - Marimar1.6 MiB
Fix03 TNA End User Agreement - Fiona Grant224.1 KiB


Session 5- Networking, Outreach and Training

FixO3 GA2014-WP7 Blandin191.6 KiB
Blue Lobster - WP8 Presentation Keeble12.2 MiB
Wp3 Label Petihakis757.9 KiB


Session 6- Observatories Optimisation and Development

Session 6 - 1 FixO3 GA2014 Session 6 Intro173.3 KiB
Tengberg, FIXO3 WP12 RT1 Deployment, Ver Oct15, 201429.6 MiB
PH SENSORS CRETE 2014 Melchor4.8 MiB
Non Cabled Platform For Hi Data Volumes Blandin3.2 MiB
State Of The Art PCO2 Sensor (Oct 2014) - Nke Instrumentation Mallarde911.1 KiB
Session 6 - 5 FixO3 GA2014 Session 6 Task11p11.2 MiB

Date(s) - 14/10/2014 - 16/10/2014
All Day

Aquila Atlantis Hotel

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