D2.2 Review of the current marine fixed instrumentation4.8 MiB
D2.4 Summary On New Sensor Developments And Their Suitability For Different Applications19.6 MiB
D2.8 First Update Of The Open Ocean Observatories Yellow Pages Website971.4 KiB
D2.9 Final update of the Open Ocean Observatories Yellow Pages Website2.5 MiB
D2_10 Technical guidelines of standards of acceptability for common sensor interoperability protocols8.0 MiB
D3.1 Common Workshop On Procedures776.5 KiB
D3.3 FixO3 Label1.0 MiB
D4.2 FixO3 standardisation workshops and status report936.3 KiB
D4.3 Data Dissemination to Marine Infrastructures849.9 KiB
D4.4 Standards and Services Registry and Metadata Catalogue1.0 MiB
D4.5 Progress assessment toward sustainable processing streams from each FixO3 observatory 924.2 KiB
D4.6 Monitoring Of Service Activities566.0 KiB
D4.7 First Report On Service Activities555.0 KiB
D4.8 Final report on Service Activities1.6 MiB
D5.2 List of Commercial Sector Needs1.2 MiB
D5.2.1 Deep Sea Mining1.2 MiB
D5.3 Establishment Of Technology Clusters1.0 MiB
D5.4 An IPR Agreement For The Technology Clusters658.9 KiB
D5.5 Description Of Innovative Products And Services Development11.0 MiB
D5.6 Industry Ocean Observatory Forum1.0 MiB
D5.7 Innovation Through Industry 3.5 MiB
D6.1 FixO3 Time Series Accepted As Contributing To GISC And EuroGOOS597.5 KiB
D6.2 Key FixO3 Time Series Included In ESFRI Projects509.7 KiB
D6.3 FixO³ time series complying with GEOSS recognized in GEOSS270.1 KiB
D6.4 Marine Board And EU Recognition Of The Role Of FixO3 Time Series In European Marine And Maritime Policy421.4 KiB
D6.5 FixO3 time series referred in regional and global conventions and assessments 422.8 KiB
D6.6 Cost-benefit Analysis Report656.1 KiB
D7.1 ESONET-Vi Consortium Agreement347.6 KiB
D7.2 Assessment Of Development Of Observatory Systems And Assessment Of Communication Status2.3 MiB
D7.4 Scientific And Technical Conference Based On Observatories Output3.4 MiB
D7.6 Website For Call Dissemination3.1 MiB
D7.7 First call for proposals750.6 KiB
D7.8 Second call for proposals714.5 KiB
D8.1 Project holding page285.4 KiB
D8.2 Design And Launch Of FixO3 Website2.3 MiB
D8.3 First 3 High Impact Visual Outputs Conveying 3 Key Concepts Relating To FixO3 And Open Ocean Observatories4.9 MiB
D8.4 Final High Impact Visual Outputs Conveying 3 Key Concepts Relating To FixO3 And Open Ocean Observatories1.6 MiB
D8.5 - Year 1 Project Newsletter1.0 MiB
D8.6 Year 2 Project Newsletter1.1 MiB
D8.7 Year 3 Project Newsletter9.4 MiB
D8.8 Year 4 Project Newsletter5.3 MiB
D8.9 Launch Of Visual Data Products Section Of The FixO3 Website817.2 KiB
D8_12 Acquisition, Validation, Quality Control And Access To (biodiversity) Data - Training Course For Less Experienced Users Of Data Products1.2 MiB
D_11.1 Evaluation Of Optimum Observational Network707.6 KiB
D_11.2 Evaluation Of Actual Observational Network2.1 MiB
D_11.3 Cross-over Analysis Of Parameters Between Platforms621.0 KiB
D_12.2 Inter-comparison Report1.9 MiB
D_12.3 Long Term Deployments1.0 MiB
D_12.5 Conclusion on the capabilities of the different pH sensors 1.9 MiB
D_12.6 Passive Acoustic Monitoring from Fixed Platform Observatories8.0 MiB