FixO3 key knowledge outputs available on EurOcean’s Marine Knowledge Gate


FixO3 is among the over 6000 projects on marine and maritime science and technology listed in the Marine Knowledge Gate 2.0, an inventory that makes over 1800 marine knowledge outputs available to the public. The Knowledge Gate is updated regularly and free to access and includes European and national programmes. The Knowledge Gate is operated by EurOcean, the European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology (, which also maintains an inventory of all marine research infrastructures in Europe. EurOceans is a collaboration between 12 member organisations from all around Europe, including some FixO3 partners such as Ifremer (France), the Marine Institute (Ireland) and CNR (Italy).

Fifteen FixO3 project deliverables are now publicly available as knowledge outputs on the Marine Knowledge Gates and can be accessed directly from the portal. The project page also includes a general description of the project and its objectives. Each knowledge outputs is accompanied by a short explanation and the potential users and applications are also highlighted. This enhances the project visibility and impact and ensures that our project results reach the widest possible audience.

The FixO3 project page on the Marine Knowledge Gate can be reached at: