Year 3 Project Newsletter

Year 3 Project Newsletter

The year 3 Project Newsletter focuses on data products and other key information about the FixO3 project.

  1. An introductory editorial “The purposes of ocean observations” by the Project Coordinator Richard Lampitt (NOC)
  2. A summary table of key events and achievements during the third year of the project “Looking back” by Luisa Cristini
  3. An information box “What is FixO3” by Luisa Cristini (NOC)
  4. An overview of the Service Activities provided by observatories in the FixO3 project “Service Activities at a glance” by Ingo Schewe (AWI).
  5. An overview of products provided by the observatory CVOO “Cape Verde Ocean Observatory: Data products from a multi-platform ocean time series station” by Pericles Silva (INDP).
  6. An overview of SA from the observatory FRAM “Higher life at the Arctic deep seafloor: a new data-product to present results of long-term image analyses from a towed camera system” by Melanie Bergmann and Ingo Schewe (AWI)
  7. A summary table of key events and activities planned for the fourth year of the project “Looking forward” by Luisa Cristini
  8. A short report of the workshop for young scientists and data products users organized by NIOZ “Acquisition, validation, quality control and access to (biodiversity) data: a FixO3 training course for less experienced users of data products” by Herman Hummel (NIOZ).
  9. An overview of SA provided by the observatory Station M “Carbon cycle and ocean acidification in the northern North Atlantic” by Ingunn Skjelvan (Uni Research and University of Bergen)
  10. An overview of SA provided by observatory MOMAR “EMSO-Azores: Monitoring seafloor and water column processes at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge” by Mathilde Cannat (CNRS) and others.
  11. A short interview to Kate Moran, President and CEO of Ocean Networks Canada and member of FixO3 Advisory Board “Opinion”
  12. New and updated resources on the project

Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 1 - Digital (9.2 MiB)