Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016


The Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 conference was held in New Orleans, USA, on the 22-26 February. Cosponsored by AGU, ASLO, and TOS, the Ocean Sciences Meeting consisted of a diverse program covering topics in all areas of the ocean sciences and technology.

The FixO3 community participated in the meeting with several abstracts presenting the project’s progresses and scientific results.

  • OD24A-2441: FixO3 Network Project: Integration, harmonisation and innovation (Lampitt et al.)
  • OD24C-2481: A SensorML-based Metadata Model and Registry for Ocean Observatories: a Contribution from European Projects NeXOS and FixO3 (Delory & Jirka)
  • OD24A-2449: Pteropods are undervalued contributors to aragonite flux in tropical gyres (Pebody & Lampitt)
  • OD11A-06: The EMSO-ERIC Consortium: 12 Fixed Nodes around Europe Provide Coordinated Continuous Access to Deep Sea Environments (Best et al.)
  • OD24A-2450: Improving the knowledge about dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll variability at ESTOC by using autonomous vehicles (Ciancas et al.)
  • ME14A-0566: Costs and benefits of multidisciplinary fixed-point ocean observations (Cristini et al.)


Fig.1: One of the three huge poster halls with an arrow indicating the location of FixO3 poster


Fig.2: FixO3 Coordinator Richard Lampitt (NOC) showing the project’s poster


Fig. 3: Andres Cianca (PLOCAN) showing his poster on dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll variability


Fig. 4: Conference attendees with the project fact sheet


Fig. 5: Antje Boetius (AWI) delivering a plenary lecture on deep-sea ecosystems


Fig. 6: FixO3 Project Manager Luisa Cristini (NOC) with her poster on costs and benefits of fixed-point ocean observations


Fig. 7: A street in New Orleans’ French quarter


Fig. 8: The Mississippi river in New Orleans