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Innovation Meets Industry: FixO³ Technology Cluster Workshop

Wednesday, 15 April 1030 – 1230, NOC Seminar Room

The FixO³ project (www.fixo3.eu) began in September 2013 and seeks to integrate 23 European open ocean fixed point observatories and to improve access to these key installations for the marine scientific industry, providing free and easily accessible data and data products. FixO³  is a collaborative 4 year project between 29 partners in  11 European countries drawn from industry, scientific and research institutions, and universities.

FixO³ has established a cluster of technology companies providing products and services to the ocean observation community. During Ocean Business FixO³ will be hosting an ‘Innovation Meets Industry’ workshop, which is open to all, and will showcase the achievements of the FixO³ observatories and the new technologies evolving from the scientific activities of ocean observatories across Europe. Several SME’s from the technology cluster will be presenting their company, services and products during this FixO³ workshop. It is a great opportunity for innovators and investors to meet and collaborate.