FixO3 Ocean Business IW Agenda-(actual)


Innovation meets industry: FixO³ Technology cluster workshop

10.30 – 12.30pm Seminar Room, 4th Floor, NOC

Open to all, showcasing the achievements of the FixO³ observatories and the new technologies evolving from the scientific activities of ocean observatories across Europe. SME’s will be presenting their company, services and products during the workshop. The FixO³ project seeks to integrate and improve access to 23 European open ocean fixed point observatories for the marine scientific industry, providing free and easily accessible data and data products.

Host:  Sofia Alexiou – FixO3 Project Management Team

Chair: Nick O’Neill – SLR, Director; FixO3 Project Partner


10:30  –   Welcome and FixO3 Introduction from Sofia and Nick

10:40  –   Patrice Pla, Alseamar

10:50  –   Michel Masson, Franatech

11:00  –   Jessica Craig, OCEANLAB / UNIABDN

11:10  –   Jan Sovik, Metas

11:20  –   Charlotte O’Kelly, Techworks Ireland

11:35  –   Marc Lucas, CLS Group

11:50  –   Damian Malarde, NKE Instrumentation

12:00  –   Aoife Boyle, Cathx Ocean

12:15  –   Herve Precheur, SensorLab

12:25  –   Simon Webster, NEC Europe Ltd., and Phil Lancaster, Vodafone

12:30  –   Emilie Dorgeville, Aanderaa

12:40  –   Coffee and Networking Session

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